Quietly Beneath

Directed by Siân Lyn Hutchings

Our 2019-20 Graduate Artist in Residence, Siân Hutchings, is working on a new film which proposes the cinema as a space for listening—ironically by thinking about painting, that most visual of media. Thinking of painting we often relish its visual allure, becoming consumed by colour and texture, our eyes sinking in. So much of our language is governed by our eyes but our experiences go far beyond looking. The cinema provides an interesting frame through which to explore this problem. How might we think about painting sonically? Quietly Beneath moves behind the seemingly mute surface of paintings to find instead a live material with its own agency.

In partnership with Northumbria University and supported by The NewBridge Project.

Siân Lyn Hutchings is an artist currently based in Newcastle. She recently completed her MFA at Northumbria University as part of the BxNU programme. Siân’s practice is grounded in understanding environments through ‘active listening’, approaching experience through an equality of the senses—as an aural architect. Her work is presented through performances, podcasts, writings, workshops and discussions.

The Graduate Artist Residency at Tyneside Cinema is an opportunity for recent graduates from Northumbria University to realise a new moving image work over a three-month period, supported by staff across both institutions. A unique challenge for emerging artists to respond to the context of the cinema, this is first time the Graduate Artist’s film will be available to screen as part of our wider slate of commissions.


6 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: