UK Premiere/ Pseudo

Directed by Gory Patiño & Luis Reneo

La Paz taxi driver Julián is scavenging for extra cash to pay for his brother’s surgery. After picking up a customer who’s new in town, Julián seizes the chance to assume his identity, and his well-paid career. When he unexpectedly plunges into a murky world of extremist politics and violence, Julián finds an opportunity to affect his Bolivian reality. Directors Patiño and Reneo describe their film as “a social thriller that takes a snapshot of a generation trapped between the passive old and the insurgent new Bolivia.”

From the high contrast cinematography, saturated colours and reflective surfaces to the subjective sound design and specially composed soundtrack, everything reflects central themes of concealed truths, ambiguous morality and corruption, delivered with a generous dose of action and suspense.


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101 minutes


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