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UK Premiere/ Candelaria + Q&A

Havana, 1994, and Cuba is drowning in hunger, cigars and rum. With the US-imposed embargo is at its peak, the Cold War comes to an end and the Soviet Union disintegrates. But the life of an elderly couple, Candelaria and Víctor Hugo, continues at a slow pace. The days are repetitive, conversations are sparse, dinners are sad, that is until Candelaria finds a camcorder hidden in the dirty sheets of the hotel where she works. As they learn to use it to film themselves dancing, kissing and making love, this spark of passion helps them forget that one of them is ill. Now, they have each other. Now, everything is life. A funny, sweet and tender portrayal of love in a time of hardship.

Event details

We are pleased to welcome Jhonny Hendrix for a Q&A following the screening on Sun 15 April, chaired by Rachel Hayward.