Our River… Our Sky

Directed by Maysoon Pachachi

The Q&A screening on Wed 25 Oct 17:50 will be excluded from the HOME Film Pass

Set in 2006 against the backdrop of intense sectarian war, Our River… Our Sky follows the stories of a small Baghdad community trying to find some semblance of normality and hope despite unpredictable violence, turmoil, and loss. 

Dedicated to the youth of Iraq, Our River… Our Sky film offers a glance at the realities of ordinary life in Baghdad, a stark contrast to past Western media portrayals of the 2003 US-led invasion and its catastrophic aftermath. A raw and powerful display of humanity, Pachachi’s film explores identity and nationalism, and what it means to belong.


Event/ The screening on Wed 25 Oct 17:50 will be followed by a post-screening Q&A with the film’s director Maysoon Pachachi, led by Dr. Ruth Abou Rached, Lecturer in Arabic Cultural Studies at the Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Manchester, and author of Reading Iraqi Women’s Novels in English translation: Iraqi Women’s Stories 

This screening will have no adverts or trailers.  


Our River… Our Sky screens on general release from Fri 20 Oct

118 minutes

Translated title:
(Kulshi Makoo)


Full English

Country of origin:
France, Germany, Great Britain, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates

Year of production:

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