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Open 24H

UK Premiere

Héctor (Amadís de Murga) works the night-shift in a Barcelona scrapyard. At the 24-hour shop opposite, the attendant never speaks to him when he buys his nightly sandwich. Caught between the yard’s immense machines and debris, his interest in accounts of the immensity of the cosmos, and a grim home life, Héctor slowly builds to a violent act of despair. The film’s style too is bottled up: bleak, static and glistening—a dark, alternative gem.

Director Q&A/ Carles Torras

To celebrate the UK premiere of Open 24 at ¡Viva!, we are pleased to welcome director Carles Torras to Manchester, for a post-screening Q&A following the Fri 9 March screening of Open 24H. More information on Carles can be found here.