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Oberhausen Short Film Festival on Tour/ Artist Film

These six works present very special personal perspectives on expansiveness, landscape and memory while making use of quite unusual aesthetics and techniques. Some of the filmmakers and artists represented have already shown their works successfully in galleries and art exhibitions all over the world, including at the Venice Biennale. Overall, this set of works, some of them award-winning, give viewers an impression of the current state of international media art. The programme also impressively demonstrates how Oberhausen has long since “positioned itself at the intersection to the visual arts, moving incrementally to the arts side” (Frankfurter Rundschau, May 2016).

Films screening as part of this package are:

Dir Salla Tykkä/FI 2016/16 mins/Finnish wEng ST

To Move Mountains
Dir Mohau Modisakeng/ZA 2015/ 4 mins/No dialogue

Dir Somebody Nobody/GB 2015/16 mins

489 Years
Dir Hayoun Kwon/FR 2016/ 12 mins/Korean wEng ST

Dir Volker Schreiner/ DE 2015/ 9 mins/No dialogue

Four Edges of Pyramiden
Dir Ieva Epnere/LV 2015/20 mins/ Russian wEng ST