This double bill focuses on two of Beaton’s feature-length television plays made in collaboration with Michael Abbensetts, the celebrated writer who transformed representations of Black British life on television.

Big George is Dead (1987)

The funeral of Big George reunites old friends Boogie and Tony. Boogie lives in a council flat and is angered by Tony’s reappearance after fourteen years spent living in Trinidad and Tobago. Boogie’s initial hostility towards his now-wealthy former friend calms once Tony promises to return Boogie’s share of their gang’s former proceeds, and the two men slowly reconnect on a night out in West London.

Black Christmas (1977)

Gertrude’s attempts to ensure the perfect Christmas are challenged by her troubled and uncooperative family: husband Bertie, a good-humoured but idle armchair philosopher; daughter Renee, bitter and unhappy despite her educational and professional success; brother Herman, a shameless womaniser; and his bundle-of-nerves wife, Dolly, whose only solace lies in her Bible and her memories of the kinships she left behind in the West Indies.

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Onsale Dates:
HOME Friends 12pm Fri 29 July
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General Sale: 12pm Tue 2 August

106 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production:
1977 - 1987