News from Ideological Antiquity: Marx – Eisenstein – Das Kapital

Directed by Alexander Kluge

On 12 October 1927, after already having concluded the filming of October, his troubled dramatisation of the October Revolution, Sergei Eisenstein noted: ‘A firm decision is to film Das Kapital, with screenplay by K. Marx – formally, that’s the only way out.’ His plan never came to fruition. Eighty-one years later, Alexander Kluge, one of the key figures of the New German Cinema, constructs a monument to Eisenstein’s unrealised project, for which he enlisted help of, among others, Dietmar Dath, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Hannelore Hoger, Oskar Negt, Sophie Roise, Werner Schroeter, Peter Sloterdijk, Tom Tykwer, and Joseph Vogl.

Screening as part of Abandon Normal Devices, produced by Cornerhouse, FACT and folly. See the full programme on the AND festival website


£15 full / £12.50 concs

This screening will include two 20 minute intervals. A valid ticket is required for re-admission to the screening.


570 minutes


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