New Animated Voices: Programme 1

MAF proudly presents a chorus of new voices entering the world of animation; our showcase of student excellence screens short films that convey raw and powerful talent debuting here at the festival that have been crafted in the academic environment.

As these animators start their journey, we invite you to see the talent of tomorrow come alive today at MAF 2021.

Films screening in this package are:

Do Not Feed The Pigeons (Dir Antonin Niclass/United Kingdom/2021/9 mins)

Coffin (Dirs Various/France/2020/5 mins)

Homebird (Dir Ewa Smyk/United Kingdom/2021/10 mins)

The Deceased (Dirs Keren Or Zelingher, Avishai Simchovitch/ Israel/2020/7 mins)

In Harmony (Dir Markus Øvre/ United Kingdom/2021/4 mins)

Hand (Dir Ho Tsz Wing/ Hong Kong/2020/5 mins)

Circus In Town (Dir Sebastian Kellermann; Robin Pfister/Germany/2021/5 mins)

Sounds Between The Crowns (Dir Filip Diviak/ France/2020/15 mins)

Love Is Just A Death Away (Bára Anna Stejskalov/ Czech Republic/2021/11 mins)

Short Films can also be viewed online as part of the festival. To book online tickets please the Manchester Animation Festival website.

Purchasing a ticket for this event will automatically issue you a free ticket for the Student Film Directors Live Q&A taking place on Wed 24 Nov at 19:00.

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