Directed by Fernando Léon de Aranoa

“Javi, Manu and Rai are at that age when they are neither men nor children, when they talk a lot about girls but hardly ever with them. They live in an area with huge blocks of dark council flats. There’s not much to do, and even less in the month of August… Time in these distant parts of town passes more slowly, and in summer, as everyone knows, that’s the one thing there’s lots of. Far too much not to spend it on getting into trouble.” 1998 San Sebastian Film Festival Winner of Goyas for Best Director and Best Screenplay in 1998, BARRIO is the second feature from the director of FAMILY (¡Viva! 1998). The film successfully leavens gritty realism with humour, reinforcing its director-screenwriter’s reputation as a fresh talent. + Cazadores Achero Mañas, Sp 1997, 12m Subtitled In a series of interviews, a group of tough young boys reveal their predilection for cruelty to animals, but one of them has second thoughts.

99 minutes

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