Napoleon Dynamite

Directed by Jared Hess

An audience fave at the 2004 Sundance Festival, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE has become a cult phenomenon. This U.S. indie directorial debut is a quirky teen tale of geeks and dysfunctional families, set in an Idaho high school (which the director actually attended) and coated with a vague 80s veneer. Gangly Napoleon (Heder) is the ultimate nerd, complete with stupid catchphrases and subject to daily bullying. He has an older, even weirder brother, Kip (Ruell), and a sleazy uncle (Gries). Friends finally materialise with the arrival of the new (and only) Mexican kid in town (Ramirez) and quiet teen entrepreneur Deb (Majorino). But Heder’s Napoleon is the core of the film – both its hero and its object of derision. “An epic, magisterially observed pastiche on all-American geekhood.” The Village Voice (N.Y.)

88 minutes

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