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Naked + Q&A

Mike Leigh won the best director and David Thewlis best actor at the 1993 Cannes film festival for this, one of the filmmaker’s most uncompromising works.

The film follows the often uncomfortable encounters of Thewlis’ Johnny as he journeys through London. Developed once again using the director’s particular method of collaboration with his performers, Naked dissects a Britain, dripping with alienation and disaffection, in the thrall of post-Thatcherism. In doing so, he so creates one of his most distinctive and controversial works.

Screening in a new 4K restoration.

Booking for Friends opens Fri 15 Oct, 12pm
Booking for Members opens Sat 16 Oct, 12pm
On General Sale Mon 18 Oct, 12pm

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We will be joined by director Mike Leigh for a Q&A following the screening on Fri 12 Nov at 17:30.