UK Premiere/ Mosh

Directed by Juan Antonio Bisonó

A fantastic drama that’s sure to surprise and delight, this is a wonderfully vibrant and unique approach to a familiar set-up, in which a talented teenager from a deprived background does her best to stay out of trouble.

Mosh, a 16-year-old dancer, lives in a poor, urban neighbourhood in the Dominican Republic with her mother and her cousin, Gerónimo, an aspiring rapper. As her mother’s ill health worsens, and Gerónimo gets involved with some very dangerous people, an unexpected visit changes the family’s fortunes, and the film takes a delightfully surreal turn.

Tackling serious topics but eschewing gritty realism, this is a dazzling riot of colour, music and movement that is by turns poignant, funny and tense.


Onsale Dates
HOME Friends – Sat 24 Jul
HOME Members – Mon 26 Jul
General Sale – Tue 27 Jul

110 minutes


Full English

Country of origin:
Dominican Republic

Year of production: