Momentos del cortometraje

Directed by Various

  • Pasta (Pasta)
    Dir Tomás Welss CL 2006 8 mins
    A man and a woman sit face-to-face eating pasta. They express their feelings through the food.
  • Contracuerpo (Counter-weight)
    Dir Eduardo Chapero-Jackson ES 2006 17 mins
    A young woman obsessed with her image takes a journey into the labyrinth of her own perception.
  • Avatar
    Dir Lluis Quílez ES 2006 15 mins
    Avatar: 1 chance event that usually involves a sudden change in the course of something.
  • Obreras saliendo de una fábrica (Women Workers Leaving a Factory)
    Dir José Luis Torres Leiva CL 2005 21 mins
    Four working women from a factory meet by chance and organise a trip to the seaside.
  • 10:15
    Dir Hugo Félix Mercado MX 2006 10.15 mins
    In this mysterious short, Ana must make a critical decision at 10:15pm sharp!
  • Cirugía (Surgery)
    Dir Alberto González Vázquez ES 2006 2 mins
    Pay no attention to the shudder!
  • Equipajes (Baggage Claim)
    Dir Toni Bestard ES 2006 10 mins
    Two passengers agree on a bet while waiting for their luggage.

83 minutes


Country of origin:
Chile, Mexico and Spain