UK Premiere/ Manohar and I

Directed by Amitabha Chaterji

Winner of the Best Debut Film at the prestigious International Film Festival of Kerala in 2018, director Amitabha Chaterji’s captivating urban story is tale of loners in a modern-day Calcutta. Two individuals meet regularly in Calcutta to share stories, forging a connection that reveals expressions of desperation, solitude and love. Chatterjee’s detached style coupled with a slow-moving rhythm brings to life Calcutta’s hectic urban spaces as both nakedly transient and inherently corporeal.

With thanks to Dr Sanghita Sen, Documentary Filmmaker & Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Film Studies, University of St Andrews.

Tickets will be on sale from Fri 3 Sep

143 minutes

Translated title:
Ami O Manohar


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