Manchester Comedy

1. The Paul Calf Video Diary (Scr. Steve Coogan BBC tx 1.1.94) Moustachioed ne’er-do-well Calf (Steve Coogan) still carries a torch for his ex, and documents his attempts to win her back while living with his Mum and subsisting on Wagon Wheels – a quest that will take in a visit to his local, naggingly familiar Northern arts centre… 2. That Peter Kay Thing: The Ice-Cream Man Cometh (C4 tx 12.1.00) Mr Softee Top is a highly-strung ice-cream man, from a long line of Flake handlers. When interloper Signor Whippy moves onto his patch, Bolton gets caught in the crossfire. 3. The Royle Family (BBC tx 14.9.98 Scr Caroline Aherne & Craig Cash) In this first episode (as in every episode) the Royle household is a hive of inactivity. Meanwhile, Jim goes to the toilet. + a surprise snippet from Harry Enfield

92 minutes