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Lost Highway + Q&A

David Lynch travels the weird back roads of America. Like his later Mullholland Drive, Lost Highway is a tense thriller, clearly influenced by the works of Hitchcock and involves a mythical L.A., a blonde and a brunette (both played by the same actress) and strange musings on identity and dreams.

Barry Adamson: “Written and directed by David Lynch, Lost Highway stars Bill Pullman as Fred, a man convicted of the murder of his wife (Patricia Arquette), after which he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins leading a new life. The soundtrack by myself and Angelo Badalamenti twists at every turn and creates an otherworldly quality to the storyline. There are also moments where songs by Bowie (I’m Deranged), Rammstein (Rammstein) and Trent Reznor (The Perfect Drug) enforce and pull the rest of the score together, shaping the direction of the film and taking the audience on a surreal ride. Strap yourselves in!”

Event details

We will be joined by season curator and musician Barry Adamson, for a Q&A discussing his work and contribution to the Lost Highway soundtrack following the screening on Fri 5 Aug.