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From Australian director Cate Shorland, Lore is an entrancing coming-of-age story exploring the fragile challenges and uncertain futures faced in a post-World War II Germany.

When the German resistance collapses and her parents are imprisoned by Allied forces, teenager Lore (compellingly portrayed in a debut performance from Saskia Rosendahl) is abandoned to an unknown fate, left to fend for herself and her siblings. The children set out across a war-torn and defeated landscape aiming for their Grandmother’s house; hoping for some sort of salvation. Amidst the chaos, they encounter Thomas, an emaciated and mysterious Jewish refugee seemingly with no past. When all Lore has ever known results in a lifetime of lies, she must consider who and what she can now trust, going against her natural instincts. This powerfully emotional and lyrical tale asks us to reconsider the nature of love, guilt and forgiveness in a battle-scarred world.