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Lords of Chaos + Uncontrollable Universe

For black-clad nihilist Øystein Aarseth, aka Euronymous, the founding member of pioneering Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, making music simply isn’t enough. He wants to make a difference by spreading his mantra of chaos and suffering across Norway. But when his band face an unexpected tragedy, Euronymous’ megalomaniacal dreams appear to slip away. That is, until he meets Varg, an emotionally volatile superfan who becomes the group’s newest member. A bracingly unconventional biopic.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Uncontrollable Universe

In Uncontrollable Universe, James Richards experiments with bringing still images to life via both digital animation and the classic documentary trope of the Ken Burns effect, which tracks across and zooms into archive images. Scans of medical equipment, X-rays and scraps of found material emerge in counterpoint with a fragmentary, manipulated soundtrack, led by the human voice, which ruminates on the relationship between the body and technology. Continuing Richards’ investigation into the formal possibilities of both collage and an embodied, affective moving image, this new work centers on the immersive potential of the cinema auditorium and the position of the viewer within in it.