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Looking For You + Q&A

A bilingual poignant and insightful film that weaves a rich tapestry of intergenerational stories through unfiltered conversations that examine the mother-daughter relationship in Vietnamese culture. Set in a cinematic metaphorical setting of “home”, the film evokes this sacred space where the discussion ranges from survival, shame, sacrifice, and the language of love: food.

The film invites the audience to engage with these stories through the unique technique of headphone verbatim which gathers testimonies from living people. Anna Nguyen & Kristine Landon Smith worked with Vietnamese researchers In Hanoi, London, Manchester and Sydney to conduct interviews that lay the foundations of the content of the film. Universal themes emerge through the specific stories of each mother-daughter relationship, and all expose the common need to understand the past.

Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by New Earth Theatre, HOME Manchester, The Albany and Bankstown Arts Centre

Event details

Join Looking for You creator and performer Anna Nguyen, participant Quynh Nguyen & producer Tuyet Van Huynh for a Q&A following the screening where they will discuss the Headphone Verbatim process and all things Vietnamese.