Le Goût des Autres

Directed by Agnès Jaoui

A huge hit in France, LE GOûT DES AUTRES marks the directorial début of screenwriter-actress Jaoui (UN AIR DE FAMILLE), who also co-wrote with her frequent scripting partner and co-lead Bacri. The synopsis in the press book reads: “The story of a factory owner who meets an actress who is a friend of a waitress who meets a bodyguard who works for a chauffeur who drives for an interior decorator who is the wife of the factory owner who would like to befriend some artists…” The film is actually a sparkling, character-driven comedy about taste. How class and social conventions label and restrict people and prevent them from travelling in different circles and sampling different lives. And how these restrictions define and constrict taste and prevent people from understanding the taste of others. Wittily scripted and beautifully performed by the ensemble cast, LE GOûT DES AUTRES is a tasty morsel indeed.

112 minutes

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