Las Niñas

Directed by Pilar Palomero

11-year-old Celia attends a convent school in Zaragoza in 1992, the year of the Seville Expo and the Barcelona Olympics, as Spain begins to embrace a new sense of modernity and identity. With the arrival of Brisa, a rebellious new pupil from Barcelona, Celia encounters an alternative to the nuns’ strict moral code and embarks on the path to adolescence. Replacing the conventional feminine model of the self-sacrificing carer role, a more modern, but highly sexualised, version appears. As Celia navigates the complex codes and rules of female identity and begins to find her own sense of self in a changing Spain, she discovers that life is made of many truths, and some lies.

At the recent Goyas, Las Niñas won Best Film, Best New Director and Best Original Screenplay for Pilar Palomero, as well as Best Cinematography, which went to a woman, Daniela Cajías, for the first time.


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