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Las Niñas bien + Short Film

Based on a collection of short stories by contemporary Mexican author Guadalupe Loaeza, Las Niñas bien is a vicious and delicious social satire set amongst Mexico’s country club elite during the 1982 debt crisis. With an almost entirely female cast and crew telling the downfall of a queen bee socialite, this beautifully shot period piece has plenty of echoes for contemporary society when it comes to social inequality, classism, financial crises, and the specifically female struggle for agency even at the top of the tree. Relishing the perfect attention to detail in the 1980s sets and costumes, we follow model ‘good girl’ Sofia’s fall from grace, and maybe even sympathise with her a little despite her flaws. It’s a long way down from the top…

Short film screening alongside this feature film: IPdentical

Anna lives in a dystopia where there is no intellectual property: there are no brands, no R&D, and no innovation or creativity in art and culture. Tired of the homogenous reality that surrounds her, Anna begins the search for the only original song she remembers.