Lan Yu (4K Restoration)

Directed by Stanley Kwan

Beijing, 1988.  On the cusp of middle-age, Chen Handong has known little but success all his life. Lan Yu is a country boy, newly arrived in Beijing to study architecture.  More than most students, he is short of money and willing to try anything to earn some, when he meets handsome businessman Chen Handong. 

Handong must choose between his comfortable yet closeted straight life, or an honest yet subversive life with Lan Yu. 

The film is based on a (then) anonymously written internet novel, ‘Beijing Story’; The first frank exploration of gay lives and loves to appear in mainland China, which quickly became hugely popular throughout the country’s vast underground gay community 

22 years after it’s initial release, Lan Yu is presented in a new 4K restoration from Haven 

"20 years on, Lan Yu remains the pinnacle of Chinese queer cinema"

Little White Lies

87 minutes


Full English

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