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Kummatty + intro

Filmmaker Govindan Aravindan’s lyrical South Indian folktale Kummatty is a remarkable study of nature, magic and the landscapes of Kerala. The story celebrates a mythical figure ‘Kummatty’ who enchants and terrifies the children of a village.

This is one of many masterpieces that Aravindan directed, and Kummatty in particular is a key work of Indian Parallel Cinema.

The painstaking 4K restoration has been completed in conjunction with Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation, The Film Heritage Foundation and Cineteca di Bologna at L’Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory, in association with General Pictures and the family of Govindan Aravindan. Funding provided by the Material World Foundation.


Event details

Event/ This screening will be introduced by Dr. Omar Ahmed, freelance film scholar and co-curator of Not Just Bollywood.