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Kothanodi + Intro

Based on Assamese folk tales, this debut feature is an impressive supernatural, horror compendium. Focusing on the lives of four women, connected by motherhood, the nightmarish anxieties of the women are hauntingly depicted against the mystical, pastoral landscapes of Assam. Director Bhaskar Hazarika has a wonderful pictorial eye, evoking a magical realism, staging much of the action in the rich and beguiling sceneries of Majuli and Dergaon, superbly photographed by Vijay Kutty. Indie actors Seema Biswas and Adil Hussain appear in supporting roles. Given the slim film output and lack of cinemas in Assam, the budget was successfully raised through a crowd funding initiative and the film provides a rare glimpse into Assamese folk culture.

Event details

This screening will be introduced by Alexandra Delaney, Birmingham City University.