Kippur: War Memories

Directed by Amos Gitai

Gitai traces his filmmaking roots to the time of his military experience, the subject of this autobiographical film. October 6, 1973, everything’s quiet in Israel for the holiest Jewish day: Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). When war breaks out, chaos ensues and the soldiers are drafted in from everywhere. Weintraub and his friend Ruso join an Air Force first-aid team flying helicopter rescue missions to and from the Golan. The excitement and enthusiasm of the first few moments are soon replaced by revulsion and exhaustion. The men in the unit bond. On October 10, their helicopter is hit by a missile and crashes. One of the survivors remembers…‘I felt that when I came back angry from that war that I had earned the right to say what I wanted to say, and I’m not going to give this right back.’ Amos Gitai

120 minutes

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