UK Green Film Festival presents Jozi Gold

Directed by Sylvia Vollenhoven & Fredrik Gertten

The mines of Johannesburg, or Jozi, have produced a third of all the gold mined in human history. Now the mines are falling apart and the city confronts an environmental nightmare: tons of radioactive waste are polluting the air and turning water into poisonous Acid Mine Drainage.

In true Erin Brockovich style, Mariette Liefferink is on a mission to uncover the truth about Jozi’s mine waste and force the gold industry to take responsibility. From directors Sylvia Vollenhoven and Fredrik Gertten (Bikes vs Cars, Big Boys Gone Bananas!*) comes Jozi Gold, a story of wealth, greed and poisonous mountains.

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99 minutes

Afrikaans and English

Partial English

Country of origin:
South Africa and Sweden

Year of production: