Jean-François i el sentit de la vida

Directed by Sergi Portabella

Portabella’s debut film is a witty and whimsical take on the growing pains of adolescence. Young teenager Francesc – a solitary boy with an eye patch and a psychiatrist – is natural prey for school bullies, until he finds a novel escape in the form of French existentialist philosophy. With deep commitment to the ideas of Albert Camus, he turns up his coat collar, calls himself Jean-François, and resolves to make a pilgrimage from Catalonia to Paris. En route he meets Lluna, an older girl who awakens his budding hormones and becomes his surprising travel companion. Accompanied by a baroque score and suitably philosophical chapter titles, this is a stylish and sweet coming-of-age tale. Winner of Best Director and Best Score at the Toulouse Cinespaña. 

90 minutes

Translated title:
Jean-François and the Meaning of Life

Catalan, English and French

Partial English

Country of origin:
France and Spain

Year of production:

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