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I Am Not Madame Bovary + Intro

I Am Not Madame Bovary is a caustically comic contemporary fable from superstar director Feng Xiaogang (Aftershock).  Li Xuelian and her husband Qin Yuhe stage a fake divorce to secure a second apartment. Six months later, Qin marries another woman. Furious, Li files a lawsuit, only to lose because the divorce complied fully with legal procedure. And then Qin accuses of her of having been “impure” at the time of their wedding… Over the following decade, Li travels every year to Beijing, confronting numerous absurdities on a quest to reclaim her reputation for the sake of her unborn child.

Event details

The 17:50 screening on Thu 1 Jun will be introduced by Fraser Elliot, PhD student at the University of Manchester and member of the Chinese Film Forum UK.