Queer auteur and unapologetic director of such genre-defying, sex positive and politically insensitive titles as No Skin Off My Ass, The Raspberry Reich, Otto; or, Up with Dead People, L.A. Zombie and Gerontophilia, we are delighted to welcome Canadian auteur Bruce LaBruce in person for a screening of the infamous Hustler White (1996).

Bruce LaBruce’s breakthrough feature, Hustler White is inspired by Billy Wilder`s classic Sunset Boulevard. Lovelorn anthropologist Jurgen (Bruce LaBruce) heads to L.A. to research hustlers as a phenomenon, but after spotting angel-faced trick Montgomery (supermodel Tony Ward), he falls hopelessly in love. Introducing a tantalisingly bizarre array of LA’s weirdest residents, including a born again country singer, a razor blade masochist, a mortician cum dominatrix and an amputee fetishist. Featuring cameos by Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis, Hustler White is a roller coaster ride of sex, money, depravity… and romance!

79 minutes


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