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Huevos de oro + Intro

Bigas Luna returned straight after Jamón, jamón with a melodramatic black comedy about the rise and fall of a loathsome lothario, bringing you plenty more gratuitous sex and absurdity. Benito is an ambitious but lowly construction worker with a big dream – to build an enormous phallic skyscraper in Benidorm. His ticket to victory is his unfathomable success rate with a string of sexy women, who he enlists in his mission to achieve architectural domination. Through a decade of sexual adventures packed with machismo and misogyny we watch the obnoxious Benito win it all – the wife, the lover, the power, the money – and lose it all again.

The Bigas Luna Tribute is curated by Prof. Santiago Fouz Hernández, University of Durham, and Betty Bigas, multidisciplinary artist and daughter of Bigas Luna.


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Introduced by Prof. Santiago Fouz Hernández, University of Durham. This talk will be BSL interpreted.