Honor de cavalleria

Directed by Albert Serra

Following its premiere in the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes 2006, HONOR has gone on to garner critical acclaim across the globe for its Beckett-tinged, pure cinematic distillation of Don Quixote. Reducing and re-working the plot of Cervantes’ novel to its fundamentals, it follows Quixote and Sancho as they set off in search of adventures. At the heart of their journey is their relationship – affectionate, desperate, and solitary – which unwinds slowly against the natural beauty of the Catalan countryside. Their discussions range from the banal to the profound as their friendship deepens. Exquisitely crafted and acted by non-professionals, this defiantly experimental slice of auteur cinema openly acknowledges the influence of Ozu, Paradjanov, Godard, Dovzhenko, Bresson, Olmi and Pasolini.

“…Not ‘the narration of an adventure but the adventure of a narration’” – director Albert Serra

110 minutes


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