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High Tides: Music Videos

A feast of the latest music promos. Innovative and original artistic impressions in abundance, with promo supremos from the likes of directors Daniel Askill (UNKLE: Reign) and Australian The People’s Republic of Animation (The Fuzz: The Bomb(Sixxx Legs). We move from tranquil and gentle instrumental pieces via electro outfit Ladytron to upbeat tracks from Coldcut and Charlotte Heatherley visualised by an inventive mix of live footage and animation.

Mike Fellows: AM

Dir: Karni & Saul, Record Co: Vertical Form, Prod Co: Flynn Prods

Gravenhurst: The Velvet Cell

Dir: Thomas Hick, Record Co: Warp Records

Holly Throsby: We’re Good People, But Why Don’t We Show It?

Dir: Mike Daly, Record Co: Spunk Records

New Order: Krafty

Dir: Johan Renck, Record Co: Warner Brothers Music, Prod Co: Renck Akerlund Films

Tom Vek: Nothing But Green Lights

Dir: Adam Bartley, Record Co: Island Records, Prod Co: Exposure Films

Ladytron: Destroy Everything You Touch

Dir: Adam Bartley, Record Co: Island Records, Prod Co: Exposure Films

Boomclick: High Tide

Dir: Ben Rollason, Record Co: Sunday Best Records, Prod Co: Fink Base

The Magnificents: Apollo Creed

Dir: Alan Brown, Record Co: KFM Records

Coldcut feat. Roots Manuva: True Skool

Dir: Clay Lipsky, Record Co: Ninja Tune, Prod Co: Flynn Prods

Coldcut: Everything’s Under Control

Dir: Oscar Wright, Record Co: Ninja Tune

Charlotte Hatherley: Bastardo

Dir: Edgar Wright, Record Co: Double Dragon, Prod Co: Partizan

The Fuzz: The Bomb (Sixxx Legs)

Dir: Eddie White, Record Co: Reverberation, Prod Co: The People’s Republic Of Animation