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J.G. Ballard’s chilling and satirical dystopian vision of a society on the brink of collapse, is brilliantly bought to the screen by Ben Wheatley and screenwriter Amy Jump. Tom Hiddleston is pitch-perfect as Robert Laing, a young doctor living in a brutalist, luxury apartment block structured according to a rigid social hierarchy. As a class war unfolds, the insular society turns on itself. Wickedly funny but also incredibly accurate in its depiction of a world on the brink of collapse, the film also features an astonishing take on ABBA’s SOS by Portishead.

The following short films screen with selected showings of High-Rise:

Moving Pictures: J G Ballard (CTBA)
Dir Chris Petit/ GB 1990/12 mins
Screens with the 20:10 showing on Fri 18 March

Crash! (CTBA)
Dir Harley Cokeliss/ GB 1971/ 17 mins
Screens with the 17:40 showing on Wed 30 March

Always (crashing) (CTBA)
Dir Jason Wood/GB 2016/12 mins
Screens with selected showings between Fri 25 – Thu 31 March