Directed by Bas Devos

Stefan, a Romanian construction worker living in Brussels, is on the verge of moving back home. He cooks up a big pot of soup with leftovers in his fridge, to hand out as a goodbye gift to friends and family. As he is ready to go, he meets a Belgian-Chinese young woman who works in a little restaurant while preparing a doctorate on mosses. 

Her attention for the near-invisible stops Stefan in his tracks. Can a lucky encounter change his fate? 

Marked by a striking pictorial approach and a contagious humanism, Here pushes us to see the things – and the people – we didn’t previously notice. 

"A movie of quiet magnificence that feels spun of gossamer summer light and rooted in unshakeable depths."

The Hollywood Reporter

“A quietly overwhelming study of human connection and our relationship to the natural world.”

Screen Daily

"Remarkable. Here is fully present and dazzlingly alive."

Screen International

84 minutes

French, Mandarin and Romanian


Country of origin:

Year of production:

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