Green Room

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

After the last concert by the four-man punk band The Ain’t Rights is cancelled and a replacement gig in a Mexican restaurant doesn’t earn them a penny, they get an offer to make up for it that involves playing the next day in the forests of Oregon. The show is for a bunch of neo-Nazis, but it pays well. However, once they reach the site of the irate skinheads everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong. They are locked up in a room, while the leader of the gang (a terrifying Patrick Stewart) consults on how best to dispose of them. The massive slaughter that follows is portrayed by Jeremy Saulnier, who made his breakthrough in 2013 with an equally raw and violent debut Blue Ruin, with sardonic pleasure and the visible predilection for bloody genre stablemates from the 1980s.

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95 minutes


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