Ginger Snaps

Directed by John Fawcett

This enjoyable and inventive Canadian teen horror flick takes a very familiar genre and gives it a surprising twist. Sisters Brigitte and Ginger are teen Goths whose death obsession allows them escape from the numbing, plastic, conformity of their tidy suburb – and mom. As outsiders, the girls grow closer in their isolation. And then 15-year-old Brigitte begins to experience terrible PMT, sprouting strange lupine hairs and finally taking an (unhealthy) interest in boys. Will 16-year-old Ginger stick with her sister as always? Scripted by Karen Walton, the metaphoric parallels between menstruation and lyncanthropy are thoroughly explored. GINGER SNAPS takes all those movies where a girl’s entrance into womanhood wreaks horrific mayhem and turns them on their head with a calculated mixture of the poetic and the viscous (plus lashings of vicious comedy). “They don’t call it the Curse for nothing” GINGER SNAPS taglineShowing 29 Jun – 12 July

107 minutes

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