Fourth Direction + Intro

Directed by Gurvinder Singh

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Fourth Direction, the second instalment of the Punjab Trilogy, refined the minimalist pictorial style that Singh initially crafted in Alms for a Blind Horse.

The elliptical narrative seamlessly blends two rural tales unfolding in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star.

Brutal military action, initiated by Indira Gandhi in 1984, aimed to suppress the Sikh separatist movement, would leave a lasting impact on the region’s socio-political landscape. 


While made as part of Singh’s Punjab Trilogy, a series of films centred on the histories, politics and narratives of the region, this title can certainly be enjoyed and understood individually 


Event/ This screening will be preceded by an introduction from director Gurvinder Singh

115 minutes

Translated title:
(Chauthi Koot)


Full English

Country of origin:
France and India

Year of production: