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Follow is a live and evolving documentary that follows performance artist Scottee’s obsession with a Twitter persona. Told over four different episodes (each one responding to live events), this film charts Scottee as he becomes consumed with the elusive Twitter persona of a young American woman who goes by the moniker @SoDamnTrue. As her perversely moral and self-gratifying diatribes emanate over numerous Twitter feeds, Scottee becomes devoted to the idea of gaining her attention, and with this, his sense of self becomes increasingly contorted. Will Scottee survive or will he be enveloped by the bewildering capitalist culture of trademarked catchphrases and the Hollywood spray tan? Only time will tell.

This is a real time filmmaking experiment directed by Tim Brunsden (@mrjonesy) and starring Scottee (@ScotteeScottee). The journey began on Fri 22 June and concludes on Sat 1 September 2012.

For this special AND Festival screening we are pleased to welcome Paulo Cirio, Tim Brunsden, Chris Shepherd, Mark Amerika, Omar Kholeif and Scottee himself for an informal post-screening discussion on Mutant Cinema focusing on filmic practices that experiment with narrative and form through cross media and internet platforms.

Commissioned by FACT, Liverpool and Supported by Vision + Media, awarding funds from the National Lottery.