Film Hub North Polaris Award Showcase

Join us for a programme of films shortlisted for the Film Hub North Polaris Award at Aesthetica Film Festival 2019. Made by teams living and working in the North of England, the programme showcases the very best of emerging northern filmmaking talent in ASFF official selection. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Q&A guests include: Writer Freyah Hannan-Mills (Swallow); Writer & Director Milda Baginskaitė (Pink Pool); Director Yoni Weisberg (The Third Hand); Producer Margot Douglas (The Third Hand); Director Charlene Jones (Henceforth) and Cinematographer Luke Margetts (Early Retirement).

The Aesthetica Film Hub North Polaris Award is sponsored by BFI Network and Film Hub North.

Programme includes

  • Early Retirement  / Dir. Theo Kaufman / GB / 05:12
    An older couple out on a day trip inadvertently hit a cyclist with their car. On top of this disaster, more misfortune awaits them as they try to deal with the situation, and the body, together
  • Henceforth / Dir. Charlene Jones / GB / 05:06
    Grief is an emotion felt by all humans at some point. It is integral to life. This is an honest and raw conversation between three siblings as they discuss the very recent loss of their parents
  • Norteños / Dir. Grandmas / GB / 07:46
    Barry attempts to elicit the help of his former lover to solve a serious issue involving his grandmother.
  • Pink Pool / Dir. Milda Baginskaitė / GB / 11:00
    When no one shows up at her birthday party, young Agnès makes all the wrong choices.
  • Swallow / Dir. Ethan Graham /GB / 14:50
    Sleep deprived and tortured, Paula spends the night in a Liverpool hospice, where her mum’s comdition is irremediably worsening.
  • The Third Hand / Dir. Yoni Weisberg / GB / 09:15
    Tonight feels like any other in the mundane life of this worker. But now it is different. A blackout reveals a mysterious room. Inside could be the secret to his wildest dreams … or worst nightmares.