exposures 2001 Experimental Programme

Exposures: Experimental Programme Untitled (1) Karen Heald Salford University 02:00 17 Stories Lala Rascic First Take, Liverpool 03:00 Bright Red Jacek Lazakz, Stephanie Gill WFA Media and Cultural Centre 01:00 Ugly Beauty Kristin Scheving MMU 04:00 Minningar/Memories Kristin Scheving MMU 10:30 Untitled (2) Cheryl James MMU 07:05 Untitled (3) Steven Clephan First Take Heat Miser Ed Shaw MMU 03:39 Untitled (4) David Rosto Bolton Institute of HE 03:27 Tissue Rachel Ayres, Maria Ratcliffe Arden School of Theatre 06:32 Exchanges Bernadine Murray Tameside College 02:36 Scar Tissue Jay Sanatana Sutcliffe Bolton Institute of HE 03:33 Sinks 4320 Jo Ball, Cris Bailkoski Salford University 03:54 Driochta (The Folding Video) Priya Braganza MMU 04:00