exposures 10/Competition Screening: Programme 6

Directed by Various

Featuring a drama about a serial killer who terrorises cafes across the UK to an artist film which follows the movements of a girl and her umbrella, this programme sees the final screening of the exposures winning entries for 2010.

All Fried Up

Dir. Thomas Marshall, University of Westminster.

A chance encounter with an eccentric stranger during a breakfast at a roadside café leaves Martin with a bad taste in his mouth.

Umbrella Girl

Dir. Matthew Wood, Manchester Metropolitan University.

A girl wanders the countryside with her unusual umbrella.

Welcome to Twister

Dir. Owen Rixon, Edinburgh College of Art.

An old man tells his grandchildren a made up bedtime story set in the Old West. Things quickly start to get out of hand.

The Bird

Dir. Lucy Campbell, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Three boys find an injured bird in their garden. Neglected by grieving parents they try to cheer their mother up with a gift.


Dir. Luiz Lafayette Stockler, University of Wales, Newport.

He was bald, with some liver spots on his head…


Dir. Ian Pinder, Leeds Metropolitan University.

In the immediate aftermath of her husband’s death, Edith tries to get on with her life.

Living without Men

Dir. Luo Yi, Goldsmiths University of London.

Instead of submitting to an arranged marriage, three Chinese women preferred to take a vow of celibacy. Now in their 90’s they tell their stories with pride.


Dir. Julia Pott, Royal College of Art.

Do you remember when we met? You were brilliant, witty, gorgeous to look at….something’s changed.

The Innocence of War

Dirs. Callum Thomson, Patrick Shelton & Ant Richardson, Staffordshire University.

During World War II, two young soldiers are cut off from their platoon.

Cotton Stones

Dir. Jonathan Entwistle, The London Film School.

A tale of betrayal and the nightmare of growing up too quickly, in a place where there is nothing to live for.

96 minutes