exposures 10/Competition Screening: Programme 5

Directed by Various

From a hard hitting documentary set in Johannesburg to a comedy about a football fanatic, this programme features a range of genres and topics produced by the most talented new film makers in the UK.

Slim Pickings

Dirs. Lauren Scott and Maksim Aleksejev, University of Hertfordshire.

A hungry vulture tries to outwit a caveman of a fresh meal, but in the end nobody goes hungry…


Dir. Thom Godsill, University of Westminster.

Ray, an isolated and dissatisfied forty-something, finds companionship through a night spent with Lydia, a troubled young escort.


Dir. Nicola Sersale, The London Film School.

A retired football player receives an unexpected visit from an enthusiastic fan.

Hooking in JoBurg

Dir. Rohith S. Katbamna, Goldsmiths University of London.

Against the backdrop of the World Cup this documentary takes a unique look at sex workers and the core issues around HIV, security, human rights and decriminalisation of sex work.

The Mask

Dir. Hyoung-min Choi, University of Wales, Newport.

In a world where everyone has masks, a couple always wear a smiley for each other. On a fateful day, the man misplaces his smiley mask…


Dir Samuel Lehane, UCA, Farnham

A hotel where people leave, but never arrive…

Good Mourning

Dir. Robert Scott, University for the Creative Arts, Maidstone.

A man at a funeral gets unexpected help to deal with the grief of a loved one.


Dir. Arash Najafi Ashtiani, The London Film School.

Reza, an Iranian man, visits his estranged wife and young daughter every Friday.

The Situation

Dir. Ben Simpson, University of Westminster.

Stan’s attempt to woo his patrol partner is stifled when they are called to a hostage situation.

93 minutes