exposures 10/Competition Screening: Programme 4

Directed by Various

From animation to documentary, gain an insight into Brighton’s gay men chorus and see Manchester in a whole new light in The City.


Dir. Ana Pinheiro, Goldsmiths University of London.

For 17 years, Billie was a homeless heroin and crack addict. This film tells the story of how she found love and got clean.

Broken Wave

Dir. Chris Allen, The Arts University College at Bournemouth.

“Everything we have ever done or been involved in, is there in our memory somewhere, all you need is a trigger”.


Dir. Amy Lisa Hill, Staffordshire University.

Hayley’s life takes an unexpected turn when she meets her new friend Lizzie.

We Were Here

Dir. Lauren Hatchard, Staffordshire University.

Preserving the memory of the faces and walls of an old 1970’s fire station in its final days before demolition.

A Question of Time

Dir. Radoslaw Sienski, Bucks New University.

A short film about how life can change within a second, and the extraordinary way to cope with it.


Dirs. Jack Waller, Les Davies and Tim Padwick, University of Hertfordshire.

A lonely artist walks through a town devoid of colour and creativity. He soon realises he is not alone.

Sky Reflected on Window

Dirs: Petros Gikas and Nikoleta Leousi, University of Salford.

A man is running out of time, what will he do with his last moments on earth?


Dir. Ryan Vernava, University of Westminster.

A day in Joe’s dark routine of abuse and lethargy.

Beyond a Song

Dir. Will Steer, University of Sussex.

An insight into Brighton’s gay men chorus, a social space which creates a unique form of expression, socially and musically.

The City

Dir. Thomas Beswick, The Manchester School of Art.

A city is born from the night’s rain.

98 minutes