exposures 10/Competition Screening: Programme 3

Directed by Various

From artist film to drama, this screening sees a selection of films, from an animation based on a children’s folk tale, and the chance to join Bronco Billy and the Lone Ranger in their Urban Cowboy Life in Long Way from the West.


Dir. Jack Tew, Staffordshire University.
When Claire finds herself alone in a car park she is soon forced to take drastic action.

Out of Tune

Dir. Amy Digby, University of Westminster.
He’s the new boy at work and all he wants to do is fit in. What could possibly go wrong?


Dirs. Simon Ball & Thomas Eschgfaeller, London College of Communication, University of the Arts.
A man disillusioned with life in the city escapes, striving to find out who he really is.

(RS), P1, K2

Dir. Anouk de l’Ecluse, The MET Film School London.
Every week, in a different location in London, a large group of people come together to knit.

Lance the Seahorse

Dir. George Shelbourn, Lincoln School of Media, University of Lincoln.
Lance has ambitions beyond his ocean dwelling.


Dir. Max Kimber, UCA Canterbury.
The final moments of a life.


Dirs. Ben Clube, Ben Casey and Matt Smart, University of Hertfordshire.
The life of a lonely girl living in the clouds on top of a flying whale suddenly changes when a stranger drops out of the sky.


Dir. Olivia Humphreys, Goldsmiths University of London.
Follow the director’s dreams as she grieves for her mother’s death.

Lend Me your Wings

Dir. Tom Coulson, Bournemouth University.
An ex-pilot finds solace on a lonely roof, where isolation soon turns to desperation.

The Grendal Scratchmander

Dir. Luke Simpson, UCA Farnham.
A folk tale about a Christmas monster preparing to take away naughty children.

Long Way from the West

Dir. Ben North, Staffordshire University.
Join Bronco Billy and the Lone Ranger in their Urban Cowboy life.

84 minutes