exposures 10/Competition Screening: Programme 1

Directed by Various

From drama to comedy, this screening sees a selection of films, from hand drawn animation to a compelling documentary about a local Salfordian’s campaign to overthrow Hazel Blears in the 2010 General Election.

Fronti a Fides

Dir. John Williamson, Manchester Metropolitan University.
An urban vampire struggles with his conscience, torn between his addiction and his faith.


Dir. Nick White, The Arts University College at Bournemouth.
Angelina has a secret that she only shares with her friend Teddy.

By My Hand or His

Dir. Loran Dunn, Manchester Metropolitan University.
A coming of age tale about three boys. A familiar journey and an unfamiliar end.

Demonic Chipmunk

Dir. Andras D. Ormos, Sheffield Hallam University.
Watch out for the chipmunk, he’ll make you disappear.

The Candidate

Dir. David Quinn, University of Salford.
Campaigner David Henry challenges Salford MP Hazel Blears in the 2010 general election. Promises of change are nothing new in Salford, but can he inspire local people to secure an unlikely victory?


Dir. Sally Fryer, Manchester Metropolitan University.
A hand-drawn animation using felt tip and pencil, documents a train journey from Delhi to Agra.

The Morning

Dir. Liam Hodge-Bane, Middlesex University.
An elderly couple perform their morning routine as the world falls apart.

A Beard Film

Dir. Ian Robertson, University of Glasgow.
Not your typical shave.


Dir. Alexander Thomas, University of Westminster.
A dysfunctional family search for harmony in their world of discord.

Jimmy and the Hole

Dir. Ewan Fletcher, University of Glasgow.
One day back in the hot summer of ‘59, Jimmy started digging a hole.

79 minutes