EN LA CAMA spies on attractive strangers Daniela and Bruno who’ve met at a party then holed up for the night in a hotel room where they have steamy sex. Between bouts of mattress boogie, they quiz each other and do a little espionage, revealing all and hiding much. The film is shot entirely in the bedroom and bathroom and uses its confinement to good effect, highlighting the sharp, realistic dialogue – and the action. Nominated for the Goya for best foreign film in Spanish.

Shown as part of a Digital Double Bill
Chilean director Matías Bize made his first feature, SÁBADO, when he was 23 and his second film EN LA CAMA at 26. Both films were shot on DV and creatively exploit the format and the restrictions of a tight budget with verve and humour. Watch them both and compare (please note: SÁBADO screens first).

85 minutes


Country of origin:
Chile and Denmark

Year of production: