En el hoyo

Directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo

“The main idea [of this documentary] is based on a Mexican legend, which says that in order for a bridge to be safe, and never collapse, the devil asks or demands a soul.” Director Juan Carlos Rulfo

This incredibly powerful documentary was made during the time spent by its director with construction workers building the upper deck onto a major Mexico City thoroughfare, the Periférico freeway. The film’s impact lies in the juxtaposition of the workers’ everyday thoughts, behaviour, humour, and beliefs alongside the striking images of the behemoth that these ordinary guys (+ a lone woman) are creating and the dangerous conditions under which they toil. Beautifully shot, with an evocative score and a fascinating sound mix, whether side by side with its subjects or soaring high over their accomplishment, EN EL HOYO will take your breath away.

Winner Sundance ‘06 Grand Jury Prize (Documentary) and Ariel award (the Mexican equivalent of the BAFTAS) for Best Feature Documentary.

+ Short: Hecho en Venezuela (Dir Daniel Tonitto VZ 2006, 16 mins)

85 minutes


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