El Violín

Directed by Francisco Vargas

In this stunning feature début from writer-director Vargas, elderly Don Plutarco (Tavira), his son and grandson are farmers and traditional musicians who also support the campesina peasant guerilla movement’s armed efforts.

When the military seizes their village, the inhabitants flee, leaving ammunition behind. Don Plutarco has a plan to recover it – who wouldn’t welcome a harmless old violin player? Might and music play cat-and-mouse, but who’ll get the cream? Beautifully shot in black and white, with a heightened sound mix of traditional music and ambient noise, EL VIOLÍN is anchored on the amazing performance by Tavira (an actual violinist) and Gama as the captain. Through its juxtaposition of gorgeous images and shocking violence, the film evokes the struggle between peasants and government, duty and pleasure.

Winner of Ariel awards (the Mexican equivalent of the BAFTAS) for Best Original Screenplay, Best First Film and Best Supporting Actor (Gerardo Taracena).

98 minutes


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